Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New things

Hey Everyone!
Sorry about the MIA Lately- but I have not been on or around the PC lately.
Few new things to share....

#1- I am now at a new\old Job. I am again working with John, and I am loving it! It is not the same things that I was doing before- but new and fun things- with a little of the old stuff that I used to do all mixed in. I am loving it, and it is a nice new change of pace. But that Change of Pace is now a Full Time (or more) Change of pace- which is one of the reasons that I have not been around much.

#2- a good pal of mine, Candy (Hi Candy!) (waving) gave me Photoshop CS2 and I just put it on my PC today and I am SO excited! I have REALLY REALLY missed using it since I am no longer at the "desk job" of old, so I am excited to have it at my fingertips again. Time to bust out my HUGE training book I purchased, and try to remember all those things that are now half-forgotten.

And #3- I have now started a Homegrown Organic Garden in the Backyard! I was going to Blog about it on here, but I didn't want to force everyone to read about plants instead of other things, and so you can mosey on over HERE and check it out! I am Calling it "SuperChicken Gardens" and it is a sister blog to my "SuperChicken Cooks" (which I really really promise I will update soon!) but Head on over and check out what is new in the Garden and what I am learning along the way.

That is about it for updates, but all 3 of those things are HUGE time zappers, and so I will try to be back on here more often.... Also- John and I were talking and I was trying to find out from him what it would take for us to get a Nintendo Wii, and it came down to Canceling the Cable- and I think that I am going to take him up on that- so with no TV in the house- I think that I will have more time soon to spend on here, in the garden, and in the kitchen. I also will get more in shape since I am in LOVE with the Wii Fit and it really kicks your arse!

Anyway- have a great day and check out the new site!

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