Saturday, March 13, 2010

Back In the Garden Again!

Hey all!
Go Checkout my Gardening Blog- SuperChicken Gardens! Now that the Spring has returned- I am back in the garden!

I have not had much time (or energy) to post lately. I am have been on a break from the Etsy shop, and from the PC, but I will do my best to keep things up to date soon.
But due to the weather- and the lack of time to craft- I will be posting in the Garden section (and cooking section) more and more often than in the past.

Wanna Learn how to Garden? Organically? with little trouble? And learning from the mistakes of others? well come check it out!
it is fun! give it a try! and start at the beginning if you want the whole story, and how to build your own garden to garden along with me :)


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