Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Feeling Overwhelmed

Overwhelmed- that is the word for this week-month- maybe even year. It seems like it was just Christmas a few months ago- but now that I stop to look at a Calender I realize that August is almost gone, I am still thinking about what I want to "do" this year.

I have SO many things that I am trying to focus on all at once, and I am not sure that I am doing any of them very well. It seems like every category has about 6 or 7 things to do- and each one is a huge task.
Things like:
~ Getting the house organized (going thru all my stuff and purging as much as I can (clothes, dishes, crafts, junk mail, old memories, giving the craft room a entire new overhaul...)
~ Being more active (finding time and energy to work out, go swimming, play softball, try to hate being outdoors less... (yeah- I am not a outdoorsy kinda person)
~ Being more Creative.... this is a HUGE one- I have SOOOOOO many things that I want to do- or improve on that I find myself chasing my tail most of the time. Painting, sewing, knitting, card-making, scrapbooking, photography, learning and using Photoshop.
~ My Business: it involves a LOT of planning, working, creativity (which doesn't arrive on command and so that can be a issue at times as well), and then the entire "setting up a website\store and keeping it stocked with new and cute things that all need photographing and etc." can be very draining....
Plus- there is SO many other areas that I am trying to work on or do things... and I am not feeling like I have been doing very well at them- and the feeling is just.... well... overwhelming.

I just feel like lately that I have been so wrapped up in the "Do Do Do" mode that I have not remembered the "enjoy, relax, remember" aspects of it all.....

And so for the rest of the month I am going to play hooky with all the "must do's" and jsut try to focus on the "breathe and enjoy" aspects of life. Oh I am still going to have to clean, and do laundry and all that nonsense, but I am also going to try to remember to stop and ENJOY what it is I am doing.

Tonight after dinner I think that I am going to wander into my "under construction" craft room and just pick up, and clean up in a nice relaxed fashion. It is becoming a entirely new space in there. I am trying to get it into a "work at home" style of clean and organized craft space instead of the "craft room that looks like a craft store exploded inside" kind of space. John built me a new workbench, I am getting shelves hung, walls painted (still not sure on the final color yet), baskets put onto storage racks, and all 20 or so of my Rubbermaid bins of "stuff" is being pawed thru and thrown\kept\sold or at least put back in a nice and orderly fashion.
It has been 3 or 4 weeks of part time work in there- and I think that it is finally reaching a point of completion. It is not "pretty" yet- but I am finally getting to a place where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So, on that note- have a great night- wish me luck, and remember to stop and breathe once and awhile! I certainly gong to try it!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm Still Here!

Hey everyone!
I am still here! Things have been crazy around here lately, and so I have been MIA from the PC for awhile. But there are big things happening in the craft room and Kitchen, and so I will be back and posting soon. With the Holidays around the corner, I am getting my Craft room all set up and renovated for all the sewing goodness to come. In the Kitchen I have been making Jam (oh so tasty!) and working on my diet with lots of tasty recipes that I will start posting soon. They are all SUPER easy, SUPER tasty, and as luck would have it- all of them are 400 Calories and under.
So stay tuned and I will be back in action soon!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Back In the Garden Again!

Hey all!
Go Checkout my Gardening Blog- SuperChicken Gardens! Now that the Spring has returned- I am back in the garden!

I have not had much time (or energy) to post lately. I am have been on a break from the Etsy shop, and from the PC, but I will do my best to keep things up to date soon.
But due to the weather- and the lack of time to craft- I will be posting in the Garden section (and cooking section) more and more often than in the past.

Wanna Learn how to Garden? Organically? with little trouble? And learning from the mistakes of others? well come check it out!
it is fun! give it a try! and start at the beginning if you want the whole story, and how to build your own garden to garden along with me :)


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