Thursday, August 16, 2007

**Studio Friday**

This is my "bluebird" of happiness. Yes- he is orange, but he makes me smile every time I see him. He is not only my newest addition to the craft room, but he is also my favorite.

I found him in a wild bird food store and just HAD to have him for the craft room. Is it because I have 4 birds of my own? Is it his cute blue beak? Is it the curly wires for a tail?? I am not sure, but he has been my inspiration for the last few weeks. He sits on a shelf in the craft room and is one of the first things I see when I walk in.

I have a tendency to get caught up in my crafts, and take them too seriously. Bluebird (Yes- that is his name) reminds me that cute and whimsical is just as "artsy" as some stuffy over thought SB page. He also reminds me to use color in ways that I usually do not. I admit it- I use a lot of creams and tan and kacki in my pages, and since he came along, I have been going wild with color. Lime green, neon blue, deep red and (gasp!) orange had crept into my pages- All thanks to bluebird.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just a Random Thought for Today~

Text: "I am obsessed with Stacking my coffee creamers- I am not sure why, but I am pretty good at it."
It is True- even from the time I was a little kid and would get in trouble for it, the moment those creamers hit the table I am all over them and usually try to create some kinda art form out of them.
Above is my rendition of the leaning tower of Pisa. It lasted about 20 minutes until john needed more cream :(
Not sure why I love them so much- but here is to the waitresses who see what I am doing and bring me extra so they can see what I will make of them. :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Daily Somthing

Well on Ali E's website\blog (see link over to the right- it is the first one), she has created a Flickr group called "Daily Somthing". It is about taking the time to tell 1 story from"today" and create the story in a form of art. It can be a photo, a scrapbook page, or just a handwritten note saved in an art journal. I have only posted 2, but I hope to keep up a bit better in the future.

The picture above is my "daily somthing" for the day- if you want to follow my DS's the link to my "daily somthing flickr set" is here ( )

and to follow the whole group go here ( )

Have a great day!

New Favorite Thing

Is Scrubs!!! It is on for a hour each night on comedy central. I have always "liked" it, but I never really made much a effort to watch it- (there are always too many other things to watch) but now after getting a nightly dose of it, I am hooked. I went out yesterday and bought season 1.

I love to have movies or "TV on DVD" playing while I am in the Craft room- it keeps it from getting too quiet or mellow (and can be a nice distraction time to time) but I have overwatched almost every movie I own. And I have all 10 seasons of "Friends" and I have watched those probably 5 or 6 times already- so it was time to infuse some fresh blood into the selection.

So Scrubs it is, and I am loving it. Every episode makes me laugh (a lot!) and it is good to have something new to watch :)

On a different note: I am still working on getting things done on the blog- but I have still not changed much- thanks for the patience :)


Thursday, August 9, 2007

Blog Under construction

Ok--- I need to do some work on the blog- header pic, and other random things- so if you check in from time to time- you may see some odd looking "temp" looks for the next few days.

I am so Novice at this that it takes me longer to upload and fix things than it really should. I am also trying to learn a few different editing programs and that makes things confusing as well- I am never sure WHAT I did, and have to figure out how to fix it :)

Anyway- have patience with me and hopefully things will go smoothly for a bit.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Coolest thing ever!

Ok- This weekend John and I were driving around, and he decided he wanted to take me to the SLO eGO store and show me around. The Ego is a scooter\vespa\bike, and it is fully electric. (no gas, no fumes, no pollution) and so we went on tester bikes and took them for a spin. Well I have not been on a Bike since I was about 10 (I have bad knees and bikes are a no-no). It was SO much fun- so fun in fact that we went back the next day and John bought me one!!!!

Well, when I say "me" I mean "us", but I only have to share until he sells one of his motorcycles and then we will buy another one for himself. (he knows that if he doesn't sell a motorcycle first, He will "forget" and then he will have a scooter, 2 bycycles, and 2 motorcycles- not that he would mind- but that is too much for 1 person) (plus his 3 cars mean that he has MORE than enough transportation for 1 person)
It is SOOOOOOO much fun! I took it out in the neighbourhood yesterday afternoon, and rode it until the batteries needed charging. This this is freaking AWESOME! It makes almost NO noise (it is electric after all), you can charge it in any outlet, and it goes 20-25 miles before it needs a recharge. That is plenty of miles for quick errands to the bookstore or shopping, and is more than enough for commuting to work.
You should really check it out. go here ( and see what you can find! It really has "Zip" too. It goes about 25 MPH (faster than almost any bike on the road), and you get to that in about 4 seconds, and it totally has oomph as it goes up hills- it is SO much fun. Check it out!

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