Monday, October 5, 2009



Well- ya- it has been awhile, but I have been really busy! I promise!
Well the project that I was working on is pictured below. I decided that my first real project would be a baby quilt. It actually turned out so much better than I had anticipated, but unfortunately, I didn't take a better picture than the one below, and this was just before I wrapped it up and took it to the baby shower.

I then made about 5 or so other baby blankets for another baby shower gift, but those were of the flannel receiving blanket variety, and I also failed to remember to take photos before I gave them away, but they were pretty cute too! My sewing has not been a huge time suck this months as it was last month, but I am still trying to get to the few items that I have had my mind on lately. I have a purse, 13x9 Cozy, Tea Cozy, and another quilt to work on, but at least I made some kitchen curtains finally! I have been meaning to do that for 3 years or so, but never got around to it. As soon as John trims the curtain rod to the proper length I will take a picture and show you the cute retro\kitchy fabric that I chose.

Other Happenings- I entered a purse in the Cotton Ball Purse Contest. It was on display, but it didn't win :( I didn't expect it too- but at least I was not laughed at when I dropped it off. Judy (the Owner) said that she loved it, and really like the hand detailing with embroidery that I did. I need to take a photo of it to post, but that will be next time (I am to lazy to go get it and take photos at the moment!)

The weather is really changing outside, and Fall has arrived with a vengeance. 3 days ago it was 95 and warm and lovely. Today's High was 67, windy, and leaves were blowing everywhere, and my fingers are freezing as I type this since we have not turned on the Pilot Light in the heater yet! That is coming soon!

Anyway- I just wanted to check in, but I have to get going. Dinner with friends tonight! :) Whoo-hoo!

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