Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hanging with the Fam

Eden and I

My older sister and her "crew" are in town this week :) Her Crew is her husband, 5 kids, and one on the way. They are in the area for a wedding this upcoming weekend, and so they made the trek from central Oregon and will be around for a few more days.

Niece #1 had her birthday a few days ago, and so we had a birthday party for her yesterday. I will post some more pics of the party later (maybe on my flickr account) but for now all I have is the one from above.
Eden is SO adorable- he is always happy, and when ever you say "cheese" he bursts into the biggest grin I have ever seen on a kid. I took the above photo and we were all laughing about how you can totally tell that we are related. He could almost be my kid he looks so much like me (and he is almost a mirror image of what my little brother used to look like). But I am sure that my kids will look almost like this- but with dark hair and probably with dimples of some sort (both john and I have DARK brown hair, and we both have dimples- his are faint, but since mine are crater-sized it will probably even out.)

Anyway- I have not been in the craft room as much lately. I DID do some cleaning in there, but not enough to want to work in there- but I have discovered a new craft that I am working on--- I will have a few pics of them soon, but in the mean time I will have to keep you guessing. BUT, It is a nice change- I can work on this craft while sitting on the couch watching a movie- no craft table needed- so that is for sure a nice change :) And my birds enjoy having me closer to them in the afternoons. I usually hear them cheeping at me from the front room when I am back in the craft room- and now I am a few feet away, which makes the house a quieter place all around :)
Anyway- new craft photos soon :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just Sayin'

I just wanted to let anyone who stops by to know what I am loving right now. Have you been looking at Etsy lately? You Should! I adore it! I was web surfing the other day, and I stopped by Shelli's Blog- and it has a AWESOME Idea. How many times do you see a idea in a catalog and wish that you could have that room? (well I do it all the time) and she came up with this mosaic of items that she found on Etsy that would duplicate the room display that she liked. It is a great idea if you are looking to re-do a room, or are just bored and need something fun to do on the PC.
Anyway- I love reading her blog- there is always something fun going on over there. Check it out!
(follow this link- or use the one over there my right side bar) www.studiomelablog.com

She also draws the most adorable pictures and makes prints from them. I am in love with the kitchen line (love your forks, spoons, egg beaters and more!), and the Bird with a french Fry..... One of these days I will decide which one I love best and get a print, but in the mean time I love to look :) AND she is having a huge release today in her Etsy shop with a lot of new prints. You need to check it out and see how cute she is. It will go live at 1PM (EST) so i only have a hour to go before I get to see the new goodies. Here is a link to her shop http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5058797

Anyway- just wanted to throw that out there. She is so cute, and all her drawings are adorable. Check them out!

Monday, May 19, 2008

I Miss You!

This Photo is for someone special- you know who you are!!! :)

I Miss you, and your Mr. (and the yet un-met little one)

Not to get to mushy or sentimental, but every time I smell a Illume Candle, buy a picture frame, use my Burt's Bees lip gloss, make REAL garlic bread (or Guacamole for that matter- since you taught me how!), Watch A&E's Pride and Prejudice, Clueless, or Hunt for Red October, and see or do a million other small things- I think of you guys, and miss you terribly. I wish that you lived closer- or that I was better at keeping in touch. Maybe this summer I can make a road trip and visit for a few days and catch up and meet the E-bear :)

You two made so many wonderful impressions and memories for me and I hope that we can meet again soon :) You Guys are the best! Drop me a Email or give me a call (my number is still the same), I would love to catch up :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Look who's comming to dinner!

(Update Below)
Well- maybe not TO dinner, but at dinner time.
The IRS decided very nicely today to deposit my Economic stimulus $$$ today in my checking account, and this is what I have been waiting for. After talking about it on and off lately, John and I agreed that the best way to get me to exercise was to follow the following 5 rules:

1. Make it indoors. My bad allergies aside- I am just NOT a outdoor person. And when you mix outdoors with the idea of working out- well... it is really not my thing!

2. Make it easy on the knee joints. I have a bad knee and so I cannot jog, run bike or hike without major pain (and see Rule #1), and the Elliptical is the ONLY equipment that I have used that doesn't cause me any knee pain.

3. Make it easy to get to. And the Gym at 5:15 pm is NOT easy to get to, get in to or get out of. Plus, I only use the elliptical when I am at the gym, so why not get one for the house?

4. Make it where I can read or watch a movie while I work out- because lets be honest- if I am bored I am only going to give up sooner.

5. Make it where I do not have to get "ready" to workout. And let me tell you, it only takes 1 workout session next to a Size 2 Miss America look-alike to not want to leave the house without a full makeover every time to want to go to the gym. At home, PJ's and a ponytail will suffice :)

Anyway- I think that I will be picking it up tonight at Costco after work. John said that he can be bribed to put it together as long as I bribe him with hot and fresh chocolate chip cookies (with extra chips!), and I think that can be arranged. And as a further bonus, I will make him one of his favorite meals (which I don't like all that much) but whole wheat pasta with red sauce.

Anyway- The deal is this- I can have it in the Front Room (with the TV and DVD's and Stereo and so on) as long as I use it 3 or 4 times a week. If I don't, then it will get sent into our bedroom (the only other room it will fit in, since the office, guest room and craft room are already set up with furniture), and it will sit in the bedroom and I will have to work out in there (where there is no TV or anything but a bed and a window) until I have earned my way back into the front room.
These are not really John's rules, but it will help keep me motivated, and he liked the idea, so that is how it will be.

Anyway- hopefully I will have good things to say about it soon :)

HOLY MOLY! This sucker is HEAVY. it took 2 burly manly men to load it into my borrowed surburban, and then when we got it home we were not sure what to do to get it out. A Dolly was not even a option. I mean, this thing is as heavy as a fridge, and longer to boot. But we came up with a good idea, and John got it 1\2 way set up last night. More goodness to come after it is set up- but in the mean time- my front room looks like a cardboard tornado hit. No Joke- there was probably 100 pounds in cardboard alone!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

wishing for a clean craft room

Short post today, I have lots swimming in my mind and need to focus on getting them down on paper before I forget about them.
I have been looking around at cute childlike prints lately, and I have been excited about "ocean" looks lately. Sea Snails, octopus (octopi?), Lobsters, fish and more. I am not sure why, I am NOT a fan of the ocean itself. I am scared to death of sharks and avoid even going to the beach for any number of reasons (seagulls, sand, sea water in my hair) but I am in love with "Finding Nemo" and all the cute creatures. I have been inspired to paint a "set" of ocean prints in a cute childlike look, and while I have canvas, paints, and time, I do not have a clean craft room (sigh).

Time to dig out the shovel and clear a path back to the craft table......

Here are a few cute things I saw on flickr....




Have a great Tuesday!

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