Tuesday, May 6, 2008

wishing for a clean craft room

Short post today, I have lots swimming in my mind and need to focus on getting them down on paper before I forget about them.
I have been looking around at cute childlike prints lately, and I have been excited about "ocean" looks lately. Sea Snails, octopus (octopi?), Lobsters, fish and more. I am not sure why, I am NOT a fan of the ocean itself. I am scared to death of sharks and avoid even going to the beach for any number of reasons (seagulls, sand, sea water in my hair) but I am in love with "Finding Nemo" and all the cute creatures. I have been inspired to paint a "set" of ocean prints in a cute childlike look, and while I have canvas, paints, and time, I do not have a clean craft room (sigh).

Time to dig out the shovel and clear a path back to the craft table......

Here are a few cute things I saw on flickr....




Have a great Tuesday!

1 comment:

Shelli said...

love ocean themed stuff...and like you, HATE the actual water! haha! sharks freak me out...and a girl like me just cant get her hair wet or it will frizz out to afro style! :) happy wednesday! xoxo


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