Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hanging with the Fam

Eden and I

My older sister and her "crew" are in town this week :) Her Crew is her husband, 5 kids, and one on the way. They are in the area for a wedding this upcoming weekend, and so they made the trek from central Oregon and will be around for a few more days.

Niece #1 had her birthday a few days ago, and so we had a birthday party for her yesterday. I will post some more pics of the party later (maybe on my flickr account) but for now all I have is the one from above.
Eden is SO adorable- he is always happy, and when ever you say "cheese" he bursts into the biggest grin I have ever seen on a kid. I took the above photo and we were all laughing about how you can totally tell that we are related. He could almost be my kid he looks so much like me (and he is almost a mirror image of what my little brother used to look like). But I am sure that my kids will look almost like this- but with dark hair and probably with dimples of some sort (both john and I have DARK brown hair, and we both have dimples- his are faint, but since mine are crater-sized it will probably even out.)

Anyway- I have not been in the craft room as much lately. I DID do some cleaning in there, but not enough to want to work in there- but I have discovered a new craft that I am working on--- I will have a few pics of them soon, but in the mean time I will have to keep you guessing. BUT, It is a nice change- I can work on this craft while sitting on the couch watching a movie- no craft table needed- so that is for sure a nice change :) And my birds enjoy having me closer to them in the afternoons. I usually hear them cheeping at me from the front room when I am back in the craft room- and now I am a few feet away, which makes the house a quieter place all around :)
Anyway- new craft photos soon :)

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