Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Ventures

Hey all!
Ok- Long time I know... But I have been working on new things!
Most of all is a new venture. I made up a few coffee cozies, and decided to see if they would sell on Etsy. So I posted them around 11 at night, and by noon the next day they were all sold out, and I had a request for more. AND the local coffee shop I visit some days (ok ok... Mon-Fri to be exact) said that I should make some for them and they would sell them for me (Provided I figure out a way to put the logo on there- which I am still working on).... and so I have been sewing like a madwoman this weekend making more and more Cozies.
I have set up a new Website for them, and it will take you right to my Etsy page for now.... I will have to see what happens before I spend too much more time on it... but here is a photo of some of the ones that will be listed tonight.
But that is all that is exciting for now.... but it has been enough to keep me busy this last week.
I hope you all check out the Shop, and tell anyone who you think may want one :)
The name for the new business is and I am hoping that once I make a go of it (IF I can make a go of it) that I will also add other "cozy" items.... like cozy phone cases, Ipod cases, Teapot Cozies, French Press Cozies, purses, baby blankets... and all the other items that I seem to make around here for myself but never tried selling.
Anyway- Wish me luck!

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