Friday, August 14, 2009

Well Hello There!

Hello all!
Say Hi to my new friend! ("Say Hello to my Little Friend!") After debating and hemming and hawing for a few years now about getting a sewing machine, I finally went out on Monday and got one. I had wanted one for years, but people kept trying to get me to get a nice one ($300+), and I wanted just something to learn on for now (I mean who wants to learn to drive in a Porche? Best to start with something a bit cheaper!). So I got this nice Kenmore one, and I LOVE it. It has like 78 stitch options (which I have no idea what to do with) and it is nice and smooth, and SO easy to get started with. I am now just kinda sad that I didn't get one sooner. If\When I need to upgrade to a "Nice" one, I will at least know that I will not kill it trying to learn on it.

I Really have NO idea what to do with it, or how to really use it, but I sat down with it on Monday night and made a little Bag to hold all my sewing scraps and strings when I am sewing.... it is a Sewing-table Saddle-Bag if you will. Here is a Picture of it. (Please ignore the ugly flannel sheets in the background- those are the blankets we cover the birds with at night)

I have a lot of "jelly roll" strips in the house, and so I took a bunch of the strips, sewed them together and made a kinda mini-quilt out of them. I then sewed it into a bag shape and gave it a 1 1/2 inch "foot" so it would not look like a limp bag, and then for fun I decided to add a liner, and then attach a dried bean\rice bag to the top of it and sew it on the side of the bag so that it would hold itself out of the way on off the side of the table. It is not super exciting I know, but I was happy that it turned out so well, and no fingers, bobbins or needles were hurt in the process (I have been known to have needles snap just by standing to close to someone who is sewing so I was happy to escape unscathed!)

Other than that- I am not up to much. Work has been good- hot and smoky with the fires going on- but otherwise good. The garden is undergoing some changes, and I will get some photos of that and post them soon on the Gardening Blog.

Oh! A new obsession of mine lately is this book.

Oh My Goodness! I ADORE it! I have been reading it and re-reading over and over. There are SO many new and cute ideas in here that I cannot wait to try!

I have started choosing 1 cupcake recipe a week and making a batch (or 2) and taking them to work for all the guys and getting their opinions about them and how they like them. So far I have made the Chai-Tea Cupcakes with Vanilla Milk Glaze Topping, a Cookies and Creme Mini Cheesecakes with whole Oreo's as crusts... and then not from the book but inspired by it- a triple chocolate chunk cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting.

I have been a big hit at work lately, and guys have come to anticipate Fridays more than usual and most rush over to see what I have made that week. I have not been good about keeping it up, but I am thinking that I will start recording some of my attempts and photos and posting them to my Cooking Blog. (along with my notes and the comments from the guys who eat them). And now that my Garden is providing a nice hearty harvest, I can also start showing what I am cooking with my Homegrown Organic Veggies.

Well Time to get going! I need to get dinner started (and Martinis made!)
Have a great day!


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