Thursday, January 31, 2008

Inspired By Color...

I have been working on a few things in the craft room the last few nights. I cannot show any of it yet- some is still "in process" and 1 of them is a gift for john for our 3 year 6 month anniversary.

We celebrate out 6 month mark with somthing nice or romantic since our first date was going to the Fair and that is what we do on the "year" Anniversary. And the smell of corndogs, sheep, hay and kettle corn are not quite what you would call "Romantic"- fun- but not romantic.
So we do somthing "fru fru" at the 6 month mark. This year we may cop out and just watch the Superbowl with friends\family, but it will still be fun, and I will still have a gift made for him.

But he lurks around sometimes, and knowing his comic timing- he would visit the day I post pics of what I would be giving him- so I will post picks after I give it to him :)

But here are some photos From Flickr that I have found recently that have inspired me in some way or another. I love the Colors and texture of them.

Enjoy :)
(PS- I noticed after i posted all of these that I am in a "blue green" mood I guess- :) Which explains why everything I touch latley ends up those colors.

(to me it looks like the lights are smiling at me) :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Keep Calm & Carry On

Here is one of the canvases that I painted on the other day. The Colors are not really super close- in person it is much more vibrant- but these are some of the colors that I will be using in the Craft room when I get around to painting it. It will have blue walls, white trim, Brown and White storage baskets and shelves and soft lime green and soft orange accessories here and there (Urban outfitters has some cool ones) here I want this and This

I spent a huge part of my time this weekend in the Craft room. The floor is mostly clear, the work table has about 2.5 square feet of space clean for use (which is only about 1/3 of the table, but it is a start) There is still of alot of stuff to put away- but the hard part (finding a home for it all) is mostly done- now I just need to get it there :)

I will post more later as i finish more projects, and make more progress in the room. In the mean time- you can check out Flickr and see the pics that I took months ago of the room and get a idea of what it looks like when it is cleaner. (

Have a great day!

Friday, January 25, 2008

New "crafty-ness" to come soon

Ok- I have not been very "crafty" Latley- and most of my recent blogs were bemoaning the eveil sickness that I had (which I think is really gone now- the coughs are almost non-exsistant now) and the fact that my blog was not getting along with me- but with sickness and blog issues resolved I plan on getting back to the crafts.

The Cooking Blog has been absorbing a bit of my time latley- which seems like a good excuse for avoiding the craft room- but I will be honest. The Craft room is in SUCH a state of disarray that I spent about 4 hours in there last friday afternoon, and I can now see about 75% of the floor, but most surfaces are covered in "stuff" tha still needs to be put away- over even harder- found a home so that I CAN put it away.
Also- we have had nasty cold weather here- (there was SNOW on the hill the other day- that only happens about oh- every 15 years or so) and the craft room is usually pretty cold since I keep the door closed to keep the avalanche from gaining access to the hallway and it takes a hour or better to get to "warm" and lets face it, if you have to choose between cleaning a cold room, and baking somthing tasty in a warm kitchen- most would choose the kitchen as I did.
But today I am going back into the depths of the room and will try to make some more progress so that I can start crafting again in a nice clean space.

And one of the biggest reasons that I have not been "crafty" is that after the holidays of rushing to make and get out christmas cards, and getting crafty with wrapping the gifts, and trying to make the house look cute- I was burned out and had no inspiration to want to craft. But Last night I watched 3 hours of Project Runway (and I am now caught up!) and I am full of crafty Ideas. It is odd that I can watch a fashion\sewing program and get inspired to work with paper- odd- but it works for me :)

Anyway- I hate to post without a picture- so above is a pic that I took the other day. It is of a plant that is in our parking garage here at work.


Monday, January 21, 2008

SuperChicken Cooks is Now Live

Well I now have a cooking Blog. It is
It is still new, but I am working on it :)

Hope you like!


Friday, January 18, 2008

Finally Making Progress

Yep- thats right! I am finally getting this thing up and running the way that I want. Of Course changing the templet means that all my links and "extras" have been erased and I have to start from scratch, but that is ok! It was time to do some purging of old info and adding of new goodies.

I will be probably eb working on this over the weekend, so check back soon and hopefully things will be looking up to standard them.

Also- and super huge "thank you" shout out to Rachel From "Bling". Without her help, links, and letting me know I am not alone in the HTML confusion, I would have been totally lost, confused and frustrated. So Go check her blog out (, see the cute genius that is her work, and also check out the Etsy shop with new goodies (see her blog for the correct links).

Welcome Friday! I am happy to see you!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Updating the Blog

"If you want to truly understand something, try to change it." ~Kurt Lewin

That is For Sure! I am not so good at figuring out the whole blog stuff- and trying to change it has been a learning experience. Hopefully things will look ok when I am done :)
So Pay no mind to the oddness you may see in the next few days- I am trying to figure out some new looks for the Blog.

The most notable is the background color. No More Black for now- White Feels so fresh to me for now- and so Fresh White it is. Also- Because I used to have black, I could use color Fonts easier, and I am trying to go back and change all my old posts to a normal dark color that is easier to read- but If I do not get to all of them- oh well I guess.

I am also changing up for fonts, and items on the sidebar- so stay tuned and I will let you know when I am done and you can give your opinions on the new overhauled look :)

Also- I am finally on the rebound from the Evil cold I had. I still have a cough here and there- but I am back to the land of the living (and without the hernia inducing coughing). Glad to be back :)

Friday, January 4, 2008

On the Slow Mend

Well I am on the mend- slow but sure.
I went and saw the Doctor yesterday, and I now have some antibiotics and I am feeling better. The cough is the most annoying part of the ordeal. If not for the cough I would be able to sleep thru the night ( I take full doses of Nyquil and I still cannot sleep thru the night) and I have not been able to "lay down" for over a week now. I have to sleep sitting up, it is really annoying, and not very comfy- but it keeps the coughing down.

I think that in the next day or 2 I will have shaken most of the coughing. My head and chest are almost cleared up, so that will be the end of the cough :)

I am off to the Chiropractor today. A few days ago, I must of pinched a nerve, because half of my left hand has gone mostly numb. I can feel it, but it has a odd half life feel and I would like to get it back to normal--- after avoiding Doctors and Chiropractors for the last few years (they are too much $$$ for me) I have 2 appointments in 2 days- the Irony of it has not been lost on me. I guess I need to be better at "maintenance" and less on the "overhaul". :)

Happy (and healthy) day to you!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Still sick- still feel miserable- not much to say- but I thought I would post a pretty pic for ya :)
It is of our lavender plant in the back yard. I took this yesterday. It was the first time that I had gone outdoors for about 4 days, and it was nice and warm and the lavender was too pretty to pass up.

Have a good (and healthy) day! :)

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