Friday, January 25, 2008

New "crafty-ness" to come soon

Ok- I have not been very "crafty" Latley- and most of my recent blogs were bemoaning the eveil sickness that I had (which I think is really gone now- the coughs are almost non-exsistant now) and the fact that my blog was not getting along with me- but with sickness and blog issues resolved I plan on getting back to the crafts.

The Cooking Blog has been absorbing a bit of my time latley- which seems like a good excuse for avoiding the craft room- but I will be honest. The Craft room is in SUCH a state of disarray that I spent about 4 hours in there last friday afternoon, and I can now see about 75% of the floor, but most surfaces are covered in "stuff" tha still needs to be put away- over even harder- found a home so that I CAN put it away.
Also- we have had nasty cold weather here- (there was SNOW on the hill the other day- that only happens about oh- every 15 years or so) and the craft room is usually pretty cold since I keep the door closed to keep the avalanche from gaining access to the hallway and it takes a hour or better to get to "warm" and lets face it, if you have to choose between cleaning a cold room, and baking somthing tasty in a warm kitchen- most would choose the kitchen as I did.
But today I am going back into the depths of the room and will try to make some more progress so that I can start crafting again in a nice clean space.

And one of the biggest reasons that I have not been "crafty" is that after the holidays of rushing to make and get out christmas cards, and getting crafty with wrapping the gifts, and trying to make the house look cute- I was burned out and had no inspiration to want to craft. But Last night I watched 3 hours of Project Runway (and I am now caught up!) and I am full of crafty Ideas. It is odd that I can watch a fashion\sewing program and get inspired to work with paper- odd- but it works for me :)

Anyway- I hate to post without a picture- so above is a pic that I took the other day. It is of a plant that is in our parking garage here at work.


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