Friday, January 4, 2008

On the Slow Mend

Well I am on the mend- slow but sure.
I went and saw the Doctor yesterday, and I now have some antibiotics and I am feeling better. The cough is the most annoying part of the ordeal. If not for the cough I would be able to sleep thru the night ( I take full doses of Nyquil and I still cannot sleep thru the night) and I have not been able to "lay down" for over a week now. I have to sleep sitting up, it is really annoying, and not very comfy- but it keeps the coughing down.

I think that in the next day or 2 I will have shaken most of the coughing. My head and chest are almost cleared up, so that will be the end of the cough :)

I am off to the Chiropractor today. A few days ago, I must of pinched a nerve, because half of my left hand has gone mostly numb. I can feel it, but it has a odd half life feel and I would like to get it back to normal--- after avoiding Doctors and Chiropractors for the last few years (they are too much $$$ for me) I have 2 appointments in 2 days- the Irony of it has not been lost on me. I guess I need to be better at "maintenance" and less on the "overhaul". :)

Happy (and healthy) day to you!

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