Thursday, January 31, 2008

Inspired By Color...

I have been working on a few things in the craft room the last few nights. I cannot show any of it yet- some is still "in process" and 1 of them is a gift for john for our 3 year 6 month anniversary.

We celebrate out 6 month mark with somthing nice or romantic since our first date was going to the Fair and that is what we do on the "year" Anniversary. And the smell of corndogs, sheep, hay and kettle corn are not quite what you would call "Romantic"- fun- but not romantic.
So we do somthing "fru fru" at the 6 month mark. This year we may cop out and just watch the Superbowl with friends\family, but it will still be fun, and I will still have a gift made for him.

But he lurks around sometimes, and knowing his comic timing- he would visit the day I post pics of what I would be giving him- so I will post picks after I give it to him :)

But here are some photos From Flickr that I have found recently that have inspired me in some way or another. I love the Colors and texture of them.

Enjoy :)
(PS- I noticed after i posted all of these that I am in a "blue green" mood I guess- :) Which explains why everything I touch latley ends up those colors.

(to me it looks like the lights are smiling at me) :)


photography4me said...

Nice photos!

ana said...

*love* the coloured photos featured here!


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