Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Gettin' Crafty and Other Stuff

Hello :)
I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was pretty good- cold and rainy- but good.
Saturday I spent the morning playing in the craft room (with lights, DVD’s and space heater all running and making me happy) and sipping my Rose Petal tea (Yum!)... hmmm now that I think about it... I might try making some of my own rose tea-hmmmm.... but that is for another post- and most likely a post for my cooking blog).

Anyway- Saturday night John and I went to the Symphony at Cal Poly. As usual, we were in our favorite seats, and the music was amazing! They played Debussy, Tychoskhy, and A wonderful piano sonata4 by Beethoven. The Pianist was the most amazing musical thing that I have ever seen. She played the entire piece by memory (blending in and out of the orcustrha flawlessly), and her hands were really amazing. The piece was fast and complex, but her hands flowed like liquid silk and was smoother than seemed humanly possible for such complex music. It was amazing :)

The next morning (the 3rd) was John and I's 3 and half year anniversary- and so we went out to the Apple Farm for Brunch (our favorite place to get breakfast) and it was Cozy and fun.
We spent part of the early afternoon doing our own thing (me reading with some tea- him with his laptop) and then we headed over to my parents house to watch the Super bowl. (Random fact: we have been dating for 42 months, and it was the 42 super bowl- and meaning of life of you have read hitchhikers guide to the galaxy)

It was not a overwhelming weekend- but we will do something more "special" for our anniversary in the next month or so- this month is just so busy already with the weekends already half full of plans.

Well, as promised, here is the project that I was working on for John. The PDF of the pages are available from Ali Edward's site (see link on my sidebar) and I put it together a bit different than she did. She used a sewing machine (which I still don't have) and red felt (which I have but am using for another project).I made mine in more of a "board book" style.

Here are some of the photos from the book. It was about 10-12 pages long. Each page got something different done with it. Some had longer writing, some had just 1 sentence, some had just a touch of embellishments, and some were more elaborate. Each page had a photo that corresponds with a reason why I love Him.

(We are in the Jelly Belly Factory getting a Tour- Because I couldn't just drive by the factory without a tour!!)

(BTW: those are NOT my kids- they belong to my sister!) lol

It was a bit harder than I first thought it would be. I had to cut and measure all the pages and in essence- make a book, and then figure out the best way to attach it to the outer binding, and how to make it close properly. (A "hanging inner hinge" bind worked pretty well- as you can see in the above photo- the spine of the book is free floating and keeps the spine from cracking when you read the pages).

Anyway- I need to get back to work- but I hope you enjoy the pics :) I will try to show more projects later :)

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