Monday, August 6, 2007

Coolest thing ever!

Ok- This weekend John and I were driving around, and he decided he wanted to take me to the SLO eGO store and show me around. The Ego is a scooter\vespa\bike, and it is fully electric. (no gas, no fumes, no pollution) and so we went on tester bikes and took them for a spin. Well I have not been on a Bike since I was about 10 (I have bad knees and bikes are a no-no). It was SO much fun- so fun in fact that we went back the next day and John bought me one!!!!

Well, when I say "me" I mean "us", but I only have to share until he sells one of his motorcycles and then we will buy another one for himself. (he knows that if he doesn't sell a motorcycle first, He will "forget" and then he will have a scooter, 2 bycycles, and 2 motorcycles- not that he would mind- but that is too much for 1 person) (plus his 3 cars mean that he has MORE than enough transportation for 1 person)
It is SOOOOOOO much fun! I took it out in the neighbourhood yesterday afternoon, and rode it until the batteries needed charging. This this is freaking AWESOME! It makes almost NO noise (it is electric after all), you can charge it in any outlet, and it goes 20-25 miles before it needs a recharge. That is plenty of miles for quick errands to the bookstore or shopping, and is more than enough for commuting to work.
You should really check it out. go here ( and see what you can find! It really has "Zip" too. It goes about 25 MPH (faster than almost any bike on the road), and you get to that in about 4 seconds, and it totally has oomph as it goes up hills- it is SO much fun. Check it out!

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