Monday, July 30, 2007

No Monday Mosaic

Well Yahoo has been not working most of the day- and therefore Flickr (my mosaic fun site) is also not working- so Monday Mosaic is postponed until further notice- Sorry!

On a different note-
I had wanted to spend the weekend in the craft room cleaning, organizing and creating- but on early Saturday afternoon, my parents show up with the (large) remainder of my stuff from their house.
It has been over 3 years since I moved out (after moving back in) and so there was stuff that I had not seen for quite awhile. 40% is trash i assume (old papers, magazines, letters) that I can throw out- 50% is going to go to goodwill (old books, clothes, toys) and the remaining 10% is "keepers"- old photos, special items and so on.
I am not sure what to do with it all (not all of it is Scrapbook-able) but at least when I am finished with it all I will not have to worry about it anymore.
But there were 15 or so boxes and totes of stuff, and I spent most of Saturday afternoon and most of Sunday working on it, and I am about 1\3 of the way thru it all- and the living room looks like a hurricane hit it- random stuff everywhere.

John is a very tolerant man- that is all I have to say. My personal artifacts seem to be out pacing the abilities of storage in the house- and he just smiles and is happy that I am getting rid of most of it, and the stuff left over is going to be crammed in the scrapbook room somehow.

It is like my life is flashing before my eyes (very slowly) but it is kinda fun to see all the old memories again.

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