Thursday, July 5, 2007

Procrastination is my Middle Name

The only thing that ever sat its way to success was a hen. ~Sarah Brown

On my To-Do list:
Vacuum House
Clean bathrooms
Read book for book club
Clean Craft Room
Clean out fridge
Go Grocery shopping
and a million other items...... but I have NO motivation to do any of them. A few of those have been on the list for LONG time and they are still not done. Oops :)

I was supposed to start reading a book for my book club about 6 weeks ago (we meet in 1.5 weeks) and I JUST bought the book today at lunch. Oops! I need to make sure I give myself more time next time.... (as usual!).... and my Craft room.... LOL... that is a joke. I have been in our house for almost 2 years, and getting 3 square feet of clean space on the floor is still a novel experience. It seems that as soon as I clean up the room a bit, I feel creative, and then the room goes back to "chaos 101" faster than you can blink..... (sigh) oh well...... one day it will be clean (and that will probably be when I have NO inspiration to create for a few weeks).

I am hot, tired, and want to go home (I am at work trying to not nap after my tasty clam chowder-bread bowl lunch). For the 4th I didn't' do much at all..... I had a attack of exhaustion, and spent 2\3 of the day trying to not fall asleep standing. Otherwise I hung out in the craft room, and made a few card demos. But John and I DID go to a friends house and watch fireworks and eat tasty pound cake and strawberries. :P Good eats!

I am excited about tomorrow. My Mom is going to come spend the afternoon with me and we are going to work on making cards. She is not a huge "crafter" but I think that it is because she has never had the time to learn or work on anything. But now with only my little brother left at home (and at 16 he can entertain himself pretty well) she will now have some time to work on crafts (if she so chooses).

I have offered her lessons in Scrapbooking, Dry Embossing, Card making, Knitting, Crochet (which I am still learning) and a few others.
She wants to start her "craft lessons" with some card making, so I made up a few "demo" cards for her to choose from, and we will go from there. Ahhh.... Now I just need to make sure I have the good set up. Iced Tea (check!), Good music (check!) and some tasty treats (will need to work on that one).

Well time to get back to work and try to shake the "post lunch Coma"...... (YAWN!) See ya!

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