Thursday, July 19, 2007

Supprising Events

Well A few weeks ago, john and I were examining a few large and thick "weeds" that had popped up in the pebble walkway in the backyard. We both thought that they looked like Sunflower stalks, but the only way that was possible was if the birds in the feeder nearby had thrown them overboard (and a few inches away), and if the seeds made it thru a few inches of river rock, got enough water and survived the climate. We decided to leave them be and see what happend.
Well- now a few weeks later we have 3 large sunflowers that have bloomed.

It is a funny sight- 3 out of place sunflowers happily swaying in the breeze in the middle of our stone path in the back yard. They look happy, and healthy, and we now have some fresh sunny yellow flowers greet us as we walk in the front door (thru a window) and while we are looking out the window as we wash dishes.

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