Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mission Complete!

I did it! I am finished with Harry Potter 7! I made pretty good time I think. I started reading it at about 9 this Morning, and I finished it at about 6:20Pm.
I ate breakfast and lunch as I read- but I did take a few short breaks so that my neck would not fall off- but other than a few mini breaks- I think that I made it thru pretty fast.

No Spoilers here- but I was pretty please with the book. As few people got the axe that I had wished to survive, and a few survived that I figured would have bitten the dust- but all in all I was pleased.

Last night was a experience. We got to Borders at about 10:40 and the place was packed!!! there was probably 400 people in there, and then by the end of the night, there was probable around 600. There was a lot of cute costumes and little kids that were excited, and it was fun. I am kinda glad that it was the last book- because while it was fun, I am not sure I would do that again. We were lined up by wristband color and then by the number on the band- and I was 318, and so when they sold the first book at Midnight, the line started to move. I got my book at about 1:10 Am and I was in bed almost asleep by 1:20. I am just not cut out for late nights anymore unless there are more friends around to help keep you awake.

So- I can now go take my shower for the day- and figure out what to do for dinner =)

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