Friday, July 27, 2007


Well Last night for work we had a Seminar and it went really well I think. There was a good size group of people, and everyone that I talked to was really nice and friendly (NOT always the case) but I was tired all day and didn't get back home until about10:20 or so.

And then John (who is usually half asleep when I get home) was awake and ready to chat and talk (a total reverse for us- I am usually awake and wanting to chat) and so we were up until probably 11.
6:30 comes REALLY fast after days like yesterday (it was a 13.5 hour work day for me). And I usually have Friday Afternoons off- and I am still having to work today. But I get to go home in about 20 minutes.

Today I have nothing even close to witty or cute to say- except that I am going to go home shortly, going to start a load of Laundry, and sleep on the couch for a hour and then start some house cleaning. But I plan on having some tasty Baileys tonight, and maybe a pineapple rum drink (see recipe a few blogs below)--- oh yeah- I decided to call it a "SLO Sunset" SLO is what the locals call the town I live in, and since the yellow pineapple juice is on top and the pink\red cherry is "sunk" at the bottom it looks like a sunset. I will still try to get a picture soon- it is really pretty :)

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