Monday, July 16, 2007

A Mosaic For Monday

1. Green telephone, 2. to boldly go..., 3. Is this thing on?, 4. 54 Pontiac, 5. BsAs sin titulo X el momento (7), 6. in daytime, 7. mug abstract, 8. Jane's house in Logan Square, 9. peek a boo, 10. Orange is In..., 11. Antique gas pump, 12. Airstream Trailer Caravanning ----- PAR_DSCN1095, 13. Sunday afternoon, 14. Breakfast will be served in 10 minutes, 15. cottage living door, 16. doren*took*this

Here are some of my new Favorite Pics from Flickr. If you have not played around on Flicker- give it a shot! It is great fun, and gives me great inspiration for my art projects.

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