Saturday, July 7, 2007

What's New with Me

Well I have had a handful of people in the last few days ask me what is new- so I figured I would give a update for anyone else that was curious.

1. Saw the new Pixar movie on Tuesday night. LOVE IT! it was super cute.
2. Still no Bed- the guy says that it is now a month away (back order issues) so we are still sleeping on the mattress on the floor
3. Had fun making cards with my mom the other day. I hope we can do it again soon
4. I have some new Favorite songs. They are: "Umbrella" by Rihanna, "Fidelity" by Regina Spektor, and some crazy song called The' a' la Menthe- it was in Oceans 12 (the laser room dance)--- and that is some of my new faves.
5. I am craving a new Digital Camera. I want a Cannon Rebel XT- but I do not have the $700 for it at the moment--- one day
6. I am rejoining the Gym here in town in a week or so. It is a great place- and hopefully it will help me drop another 30-40 pounds (I lost 30 pounds without exercise, but it is time to give exercise a go)
7. I am reading "King Leopold's Ghost"- it is very slow but good reading.
8. Just Finished reading "The Secret lives of Bees" it is very good- very visually rich and easy reading.
9. Just bought my first pair of Capri Pants today. I have not ever liked the look of them on me- but I found a really cute pair today (and 40% off too!)
10. I am SOOOO addicted to Etsy- Especially all the jewelry by PSODesigns- i have bought 5 or 6 pieces from her already in the last month. Great site! very addictive.

well that it is- a quick recap of what is new in the last 2 days or so =)


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