Friday, July 20, 2007

It is Finally time!

It has finally arrived! It is Harry Potter day!

I have not always been a Harry potter fan- but I have always enjoyed the movies, and so about 5 months ago I decided to buy the 6 book set and give it a try. Oh My goodness! I think that I read the entire series in the course of a week and a half.

It was not just intriguing- it was Cannot stop reading, skip meals, forget to shower, stay up until 1 am to finish a book kind of intriguing. I could not put them down, and when I HAD to put it down for work, all I could think of was when I was going to be able to get back to them.

So tonight I will be among the other Harry Potter fanatics and will be in my local Borders bookstore, joining in with all the others at the "Grand Hallows Ball" awaiting Midnight so I can get my copy. (I have had it reserved for almost 5 months).

Will I feel stupid- a 24 year old giggling along with the 12 year olds waiting in line with me? Nope! I am just as giddy and excited as them =)
Since I am new to the Potter Mania- this is my First and Last chance to join in on the "Midnight Magic Mania" and since it is Friday night- I think that I will survive staying up late to get my hands on the final book and find out the fate of everyone.

Since there is HP spoilers ALL over the web,TV and radio, I will not be back on my PC until I have finished the book (how ever long that takes). So if you happen to drive by my house this weekend, and see a curled up ball sitting in a chair reading book, do not be alarmed- I will get back to you "just as soon as I finish this chapter"- which as John can tell you, means "i will get back to you in a few hours" :)

See ya all when I am done!

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KelBel said...

I have to share your enthusiasm... I too am giddy at the prospect of the last book arriving promptly in the mail! And I'm 31 (silly? maybe, but I don't care!)


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