Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Favorite Thing

Is Scrubs!!! It is on for a hour each night on comedy central. I have always "liked" it, but I never really made much a effort to watch it- (there are always too many other things to watch) but now after getting a nightly dose of it, I am hooked. I went out yesterday and bought season 1.

I love to have movies or "TV on DVD" playing while I am in the Craft room- it keeps it from getting too quiet or mellow (and can be a nice distraction time to time) but I have overwatched almost every movie I own. And I have all 10 seasons of "Friends" and I have watched those probably 5 or 6 times already- so it was time to infuse some fresh blood into the selection.

So Scrubs it is, and I am loving it. Every episode makes me laugh (a lot!) and it is good to have something new to watch :)

On a different note: I am still working on getting things done on the blog- but I have still not changed much- thanks for the patience :)


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