Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Calling John Casimir!

John-John??? Where are you?? Do you still read this? I tried your Cell and your Bro said that you didn't use that # anymore.... and that you moved!? Call me... or Jonner! I need your new contact info, and I really want to talk to ya. (and it is a good thing that we didn't "drop by" your place in Vegas while on our way home last week from Texas- we didn't know you moved!)

And in other news..... (really quickly)
In the last 2 months-
Canceled Cable (good riddance!), changed Internet service (hence the delay in writing sooner) got a computer bug thing, fixed it (hence MORE delay in writing), Garden is going well and will post about soon. I had my 26th Birthday in June (good times!), Bought a Wii and the Wii Fit (and have lost another 10lbs!) Went to Candy's wedding in Fresno, one of my birds passed away, took a trip to Disneyland, went on a road trip to Texas for a few weeks, Finally started to get some good harvesting out of the garden, got a raise, and um..... that about covers the bigger things since I last wrote..... but I will be back soon.... but I just need to find my Friend John-John.
If your reading this John-John, phone (or Email) in... I miss ya and need to talk to ya :)

Later all!

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