Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Something SUPER this way comes...

Hey All! Long time no update- I know... sorry!

My birthday was GREAT! I had lots of food and fun! I also went wine tasting with John on Saturday, and had a blast. Maybe being 25 will not be so bad :)

Also- A shout out to N from "Down Under", thanks for the happy wishes! Come back soon! :)

So- back to whats new- In the next few days (maybe sooner?) I will be announcing something SUPER.
Does this give you a hint?

Anyone care to venture a guess?? If you post a comment, and are the first one who is correct, you will win a prize :) I cannot tell you what it is, but it will be cool :)

(Mom- you are not allowed to guess- you already know! lol- sorry!)

And no- It is not a update of SuperChicken Cooks (that would be newsworthy indeed!) but this is something just a bit different- but stay tuned- I hope to have the surprise up and running soon. Too many things to do before the reveal- but my patience may run out before I am ready to let the news fly- so I better get cracking!

Anyway- if you want to give it a guess, post your comment, and if anyone gets it right, I will announce the winner when all is revealed :)


Anonymous said...

did you get a pet chicken?


RobinZ said...

Darn, I was going to guess, but I'm restricted.
Is that the same Sandy (formerly with the last name of G)? If so, Hello!

Anonymous said...

Hey! are brothers aloud to guess, because i SO Think i have it!
~Chris Zech

candy said...

Hello Lauren,

....a new parrotlet?
....the new etsy online store? and John installed a brand new air conditioning unit?

come on! Don't keep me in suspense!



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