Monday, June 30, 2008

This Weekend---

... Was Crazy busy! To sum things up quickly, I drove all our birds to my parents house on Thursday night, and then John and I prepped the house for what was to come the next morning. At 7:50 the next morning, we had "Bud" and "Dan" show up at our house and start tearing the windows out... well not all of them at once- but we are having all of our old, nasty, thin, aluminum, rattling, non-insulating windows replaced with fresh new white double-paned windows that glide quietly, and lock with a gentle click (instead of the heavy hard clunk of the old windows).

So for 2 days from 7:50 am to 5 or 6 pm we were surrounded with sawing, pounding, chiseling, stucco dust, and the antics of the 2 installers filling our ears. The guys were a lot of fun- but the nasty rock-stucco dust all over the house we had to clean was not! They did their best to keep it down to a minimum, but there is just no way to stop it all- and it looked as though I had not dusted in 2 years on every surface in the house.

But on Saturday night the guys left, John and I spent a few hours cleaning, and then we fell asleep to the sound of silence- no neighbors, no cars, no dogs- nothing. In the morning we had to open the window just so we could hear the birds chirp- and before it was as though they were in the room with us. We are very, very pleased with the new windows. We still have a large 8 foot sliding door that we are having replaced (into a 6 foot door) and so the guys will be back in a week or so (after another job) to finish the slider, and wash and polish the windows, (and clean off all the hand prints they left on the walls!).

Sunday John and I went with Friends to go see Wall-E. It was SOOOOO cute! I was not super excited when I saw the previews- but the movie far surpassed what I was expecting, and was super cute. It also made me fall in love with the name Eva... or eeeeevvvvaaaaaa like wall-e says :)

We then picked up our cutie birds and brought them home (they were happy to be back) and by then the weekend was over and it was time to start another week. I didn't get a chance to create this weekend- my craft room was (and still is) covered in stucco dust and as soon as I get the room dusted and put back into better shape I will have more to share :)

Hopefully your weekend was great!

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