Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Etsy Update

I have added 3 more Embroidery Pattern Sets to my Etsy Shop.
They are as follows:

"Sugar & Spice"

"Leaf &\or Feathers"

"Border Set #1"

I am also working on about 2 or 3 more sets on paper at the moment, and about 5 in my head--- so I hope that I can keep working away at them. The most "time consuming" part is that I want to create the patterns onto tea-towels to show to others how cute they are... but when that means making a few shapes from each pattern, it starts to back up the creative system- so I will keep working on that, and hopefully I will have the new patterns out soon.

In Other news- I had a great weekend. John and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary :) And as tradition goes, we spent Sunday the 3rd at the Fair. (Our First date was at the fair 4 years ago) and it was fun. It was HOT, but fun. We usually go in the evenings (because the 3rd has been during the week), and this time we went during the day since it was the weekend, and the heat was a bit much for us. We are used to 75 degree days, and it was probably 95 and not much of a breeze for the first few hours.

We also saw the new Batman movie. It was really good- and we liked it :)

I am also working on a new mini-creative. It is not a huge deal, but a fun way for me to journal this month. I will share that in a day or so ( I want to do the first week first- and that is a still a day away!) Did I mention that I love the month of August? I think that it is one of my favorite months in the year. You get Warm days (maybe hot), nice nights, great sunsets, and fall is on the way. Fruit is everywhere, and you can see the pumpkins and corn just around the corner. Plus it is the month that I fell in love with John 4 years ago- how can I not love august? [Well to be honest- I loved John from almost day one- which was July 4th, but we didn't start dating until August- so it is august that gets the prize :) ]

Anyway- Go check out the shop and see the new goodies ( ) ( I know, I know- still with the ugly links!) and I hope that you love the new patterns! :)

Cheers! SuperChicken :)

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