Friday, September 12, 2008

New Happenings

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been MIA for SO long! I have been working thru a lot of changes and updates in my life, and my blog has suffered for it. sorry!

One of the changes I have been getting used to is not having a desk job where I spend 8 hours a day in front of a computer, and with the way things are now, sometimes it will be 2 or 3 days before I even turn the computer on. GASP! I know- I hate that I am falling behind in my blog writing, and keeping up to date on all the other blogs that i Love to read, but sometimes it cannot be helped- and to tell the truth- it can be really refreshing to not be a slave to the computer all the time. It seems to add many hours to the day when I avoid the office and Internet-land.

Well here is some of what has happened in the last month or so, and what I am working on.

In Crafty News:
I DO have a new Embroidery Pattern in the works, but not using the PC means that it has been gathering dust for the last few weeks- but I plan on dusting off the PDF and getting back to work on it pretty soon (maybe even some this weekend!)- it is really cute and I am loving this new one!

I have taken on a HUGE hand-sewing project. First off- I do not have a sewing machine, and I really like having the fabric and thread in my hand and doing it all myself, and so that is the direction that a lot of my projects go.... but I was reading around on a blog and discovered "yo-yo's" and I decided that hey! they are easy to make, and are cute.... so I wanted to make a quilt out of them. Yo-Yo quits were big in the depression era, as they were easy to make, and were made out of left-over scraps of fabric from old dresses and the like... and so I have started to make a ton of "Yo's" (as my boyfriend likes to call them) in order to make a quilt for our bed.

If you research them on the web, you might find some funky bright and (in my opinion) some ugly looking quilts.. but I am going with the 1920's theme, and I want to use very soft colors. lots of creams and light yellows and pinks and blues- to give it that really antique soft look... no browns and reds and dark blues here. I wanted to post a pic of what I wanted to make- but so far I have not found a picture worthy of what I am trying to convey, but here is a link that look ok.... but I will not be using patterns like she did- and not using those colors- but at least it shows something that is softer looking then some of the ones that I have seen online.

But here is the catch- I was not sure how many I would need to make a quilt, but I was not too daunted by the task... but after working on them for what seems like a good chunk of the last month of free time, I counted them all out, and I have about 200 of them made. I was happy with the progress, and then I decided to go lay them out over my current comforter and see if I could do a calculation of how many more I would need.... the answer- well for a CA King bed, I will need around 3700 more. 3700!!!! HOLY COW! and thanks to my boyfriend, he pointed out that I will need to make around 10 a day or more, and I would be done in about a year..... um yeah... thanks for that visual... but I am enjoying it, and I am spending about a hour or so a night working on them.... so I will let you know when I hit good milestones along the way :)

I am also working on a 365 type of project, but I have no real plans for it to be a full 365, and it is a bit more random. I am using my Camera Phone, and trying to remember to take a picture a day that will sum up the day in 1 photo, and not have me in it at all... only other objects. So fare I have around 40 something photos, and each time I look at them, I can remember that exact day, and not just think " I am not really sure what Happened in august- it just passed by" I can now remember every day of that month and what we did that day and what was going on. I have not posted any of them yet- but I will soon add them to my flickr account (I hope- it has been neglected as well!)

Other craft news is kinda slim at the moment- (yes- the craft room is a pit of despair at the moment- there is not even room to work at the table in there)... so on to Life Updates.

Well- I am loving my new job- and I am there about 20 or so hours a week... this week is closer to 30, but some weeks it is more like 18. It is also about a mile or so from my house, so I have been riding my scooter to work instead of driving... which is 2 good things, 1 of them is that I am not buying gas since it is a electrical scooter. and the 2nd is that my car broke down and it sure beats walking to work. John says that he thinks that it is the ignition switch or something, and so he will fix it as soon as the parts come in.
In the mean time I can drive my car at my own risk, since it has now 3 time died on me, (once in traffic) and takes like 5 minutes to get started... so Scooter it is, and it keeps me home more not having a car and when it is foggy and ugly outside (like today) and I do not want to scooter around.

Last Weekend my little sister got married up in the Bay Area, and we drove up to the wedding, and also stayed the weekend with John's Brother and Sister-in-Law. His Brother (Matt) was competing in a 1/2 Ironman that weekend, and so we went to Santa Cruz to Cheer him on (and get sunburned!) and we are excited to see him compete in the FULL IRONMAN this November in Arizona. I was also able to meet my new Niece at the wedding. My Older sister just had Baby #6 (and the last one!) and she was 2 months old, and since they live up in Oregon, I had not had a chance to meet her yet, and got to hang out with her after the Wedding.
She didn't seem to happy to meet me though- she was more interested in getting some dinner, but then to my surprise, (well maybe not too much) she was handed off to my boyfriend so I could take some pictures, and she quieted right down and started to fall asleep. I am not sure what it is about my boyfriend (who really has almost NO experience with kids at all) but all my nieces are IN LOVE with him. It is all "john this, john that" and apparently even my 2 month old niece has the "John Vibe" and was happy to lay in his arms for 30 minutes and just watch him. (humph! oh well- one day she will like me too!)

So on the agenda for today: I do not have to work today (WHOO HOO!) so today is a "at-home" day for me. Got up, Drank a Pot of tea (I LOVE that Hot-Tea weather is back!), caught up on some Emails and Blogs that I was behind in, and now it is time to move on to the tasks of today.
Such fun winners as : Clean my messy bedroom (which will involve laundry- ugh!) Clean out the bird cages and refill with fresh-goodness, Vacuum the Front room (and bedroom once I clear all the floor space) and then on to the fun stuff! I will be making batches of Shortbread today. It is SO easy and tasty, and I will be taking them to a BBQ that we have tomorrow. I will them take my shower, sit down with another pot of tea, some fresh Shortbread, and work on some more "Yo's" (gotta make my quota for the day!) and maybe watch a movie.

We are having dinner with friends tonight that we have not seen for many months (they are more booked up than the 4 Seasons during wedding season!! they are SO hard to get a "dinner date" with!), and then I have to work tomorrow morning (unless my co-worker can do it for me- she has to check!) and then we are headed off (with shortbread in hand) to a BBQ for some friends that are moving to Texas next week..... So in a LONG post- that is up with me :)

I am sorry that I do have a photo to share just yet---- I am still Photoshopping Pics of the wedding and more- but next time I will have some for ya :)

I hope everyone is doing well, and I hope to be better about staying on top of this blog better!


Lynnz said...

HI Sis,

I think I have a few yoyos laying around that I made a few years ago.. when I thought I might make myself a quilt (thats so not happening in the next decade) what size are yours?? Mine are pastel pink I think I might have about a dozen or so.. I will look for them and they are yours if you want them. I can send pics when I find them.... Forgot to tell you that Ruth has a Dimple :) Just like her aunt, its on her right cheek.
~ Lynn

Anne said...

Wow! That's a lotta lotta Yo's! Good luck with your quilt! :-)


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