Wednesday, January 28, 2009


No real reason for the photo- but I felt bad for not posting pics latley- so I picked a random one that i used to have as a background photo- and it feels all spring like :)

Well- Here are some new Good\Bad things:

Good: Did my taxes today- and getting a touch over $600 back- Whoohoo!
Bad: All that and some more is going to pay for the root canal that I am getting really soon
Good: Tips at work today were awesome-
Bad: But that is becasue it was just me and the owner all day and I didn't get to see my friend that was supposed to work (I hear she ate some bad fish- bummer!)
Good: The Amoxicillin is doing a great job helping my jaw not hurt (due to needing a root canal)
Bad: I only have 2 days of pills left and at least a week or 2 before I can get the root canal- hello pain!
Good: The Rain has stopped
Bad: It is now in the 30's at night (very very bad!) without the warm cloud cover
Bad: I have to work again tomorrow
Good: But then I have the next 3 days off :) Whoohoo!

Also- Incase you are not on facebook (and really- I almost never am) Here is a list of 25 random things. I was tagged and so I filled it out and posted it... but if you are reading this than- TAG! Your it--- You can leave a list of 25 things in the comments if you like :)
Here is my list:

1: My full name is Lauren Anne Z***... I like that my middle Name has a "E" on it- it looks better i think

2: I really, REALLY do not like facebook\Myspace- I think it is a big waste of time- but I cannot stop myself from looking around at all the people that I know\used to know and seeing what they are up to (every now and then when I eventually log on)

3: I worked at a Starbucks for 3 years, and have worked at another coffee shop for 6 months now- but I HATE to drink coffee- I don't even like how it smells- but I love working in a coffee shop- go figure!

4: It is all about long hot baths people(with wine and a book if at all possible)-they are the best!

5: I have 5 Birds. 3 Parakeets named Gus, Ollie, and Mo (short for Mozart) and 2 Parrotlets- Sprout, and Pickles

6:I love to cook- I love love love to bake!

7: My goal for 2009 is to lose 5 pounds a month for a year- so far so so good- I am at 7 pounds for the month of Jan.

8: My homepage is set as

9: My little brother is one of my fave people in the world

10: I am tired of dating- I am SO ready to get married (I have been dating John for 4.5 years now)

11: I LOVED living by myself- but I love living with John more

12: I Watch A&E's Pride and Predjudice (the 4 or 5 hour one) about once a month, and have done so for the last few years

13. I love Tea. Hot Tea, Iced Tea, whatever, and drink at least 32 oz of it a day. mmmmmmm.....
14: I want to have 2 boys one day... but I can only come up with girl names that I love

15: If I had to move to another state- it would be Texas. It is pretty there, and I love Austin.

16: I don't like going to church- bible studies I love and enjoy, church not as much. It has always felt full of cliques that I am not a part of, or welcome in. So I gave up 5 years ago and stopped going. I now sleep in- it is kinda nice :)

17: My fave Season is Fall. I want to get married in the Fall.

18: I Love to watch Friends and Scrubs more than any other tv show.

19: If I could only eat 1 food for the rest of my life it would be Potatos. mashed, baked, souped, scaloped, breaded... you name it- you cannot beat a good potato.

20: If I could visit only 1 country it would be Italy.

21: I will be 26 in June and I am starting to feel old. the random greys don't help :)

22: I would love to make a living by being creative. So far all I have made is about $50, but it is a start.

23: I LOVE road trips with John... he can make a trip to the grocery store a fun adventure so road trips are really a blast.

24: Even though people tell me that working in a coffee shop is not a great way to spend my life- when customers tell me that I am the only one who has smiled at them that day, or the only one who asked them how they were that day, or the only person that noticed that they got a haircut\lost weight\etc it seems to me that maybe I AM doing the right thing with my life right now. Becasue what if I was not working there and that person never got a smile all day? If I can make someones day better by doing what I am doing, than I'm happy.

25: I used to hate my dimples- but now I love them. =)

Night everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes, my Pride and Prejudice Bud. I am in desperate need of hooking up my DVD player so that I can watch it :)

Check ur email and I'll fill you in on things!


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