Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Things to Do Today

* Start my Taxes (ugh! I don't think a refund is headed my way this year!)
* Do some Grocery Shopping
* Do some Lap Swimming (while the rest of the US is in a cold snap we have a high of 85 here today- gotta love it!)
* Clean out some Bird Cages
* Clean up the Front Room
* Continue to work on Cleaning the Craft Room
* Work on getting some Photos to the Photo Lab for Printing
* Plan Dinner for the next 3 or 4 nights
* And the MOST exciting---- Get ready for a class with DONNA DOWNEY! Yep! one of my idols and a goddess of crafting is going to be teaching a class in Santa Maria next weekend (the 24th) and I was able to get into one of the classes that teach the very thing that I have been watching her do for a a few years and wishing I knew how to do. I am beyond excited.... and John and I struck a Bargain. If I could get the craft room up to snuff (meaning have the room clean and not have stuff stacked knee high across the floor so that I could actually USE the room when I get home from my class) than he was OK with me spending the money to take the class. (we are trying to be careful with money right now).

I am beyond excited about taking her Class. Donna is the one who really got me started in all this. John was out of town for business, and i went to the store and bought a book by Donna and I went to dinner and read the whole thing. I then decided to give this Scrapbooking thing a real shot, and now- 4 years later- I have a entire room dedicated to Scrapbooking, I have worked in 2 scrapbook stores, am known by name in the only one still around here, and have been reading Donna's blog for a few years as well... and now she is going to be 30 miles away from where I live, and I get to take a 3 hour class with her (along with 6 or so other lucky women)... (sigh)
I am so excited- but i am trying to keep it under control.... but for you that don't know her... well..... it is like taking a swim lesson from Michael Phelps, or a camera class from Steven Spielberg, or a Photography class from Annie Leibovitz.... so you get my meaning?? She is a HUGE reason that scrapbooking is where it is today, and she is amazing. (now if only Ali Edwards would be there I think that I would die and be in Scrapbook Paradise!)

Anyway- I have to get some stuff for the class done (get photos, and some other items that I need to take to the class) so I better get going on my day.

Sorry for the lack of photos- I have not pulled out the camera lately.... but I will soon!
Have a awesome day!


candy said...

have fun at your class!

I have your cookbook! I totally forgot to take it to you!

Anonymous said...

what's up with no blogging? where've ya been?

I am actually working on starting one...will give you the address when I get it up and going



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