Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Button Love and Random Thoughts

Yeah- Buttons are kinda random- but I was Flickr surfing today, and I found these pics to be cute :)

Well I have a lot of blogging to catch up on. There was John's Birthday, Thanksgiving, a Trip to Disneyland and I STILL need to post the photos of the decorations that I made more than a week ago. I am pretty tired from our trip, but as soon as I upload my photos I will try to post about all the above subjects.
Here are some random thoughts for today:

1. I really want a sewing machine- I am also scared about getting one because I have no idea where I will find the space to hold yet another "craft" in the craft room- it is bursting at the seams already.

2. I am really excited about the holiday season- but the #1 item that I get most excited about (the Christmas Tree) I am not excited about yet. It will probably hit me all at once and I will be ho-hum about a tree one minute and then the next moment I will have a "all consuming" need for one- but that is just me I guess :)

3. I am so excited for bubble baths right now- How can you not love a tub of hot water with pretty smelling bubbles and a book- that is my fave way to spend the nights right now.

4. I am about 70% done with my Christmas cards--- well 70% done MAKING them- I still need to make another 30% and then write and send them all- (so there goes the bubble baths- I need to spend my evenings working on those instead!)
Anyway- I need to get back to work- but I will really work on getting things more updated around here :)

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