Friday, November 2, 2007

**Thoughts for Today**

I am SO excited that John is coming home today! He has been gone since Sunday, and this is the only time during the year that we are not together every day. He had to go on a business trip and he is also happy to be heading home. His plane will be in around 5 tonight, and he will be home in time for dinner ( I am making one of his favorites- BBQ Chicken Pizza with purple onion)

Also- talk about some good marketing. I was listening to Pandora Radio, and a song came on that I thought was pretty rocking. I then started thinking about Chocolate dipped fruit, and how tasty that sounded. I did some research on the song, and it was the song that Verizon played on the commercials for the new "chocolate" phones over and over again. (the ones with the phones rising out of melted chocolate). I thought that while I never payed any attention to the commercials, it obviously had some merit, because "chocolate" came to mind- Too bad that the image that came to mind was chocolate dipped fruit and not the "chocolate" phone :) LOL, Oh well!

I am also glad that it is the weekend. This week I have been feeling really tired and worn down- but that may be because I do not sleep as well when John is not next to me. Funny how that makes such a difference.

Anyway- Have a great weekend all!

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Mika said...

Have a great weekend and enjoy!
Mika (


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