Saturday, October 27, 2007

Projects Galore for Method Playground

Ok- As Promised- Here are some of the projects that I have been working on. I have already gotten razed by 2 people about for taking so long to post anything- so I figured I would put up the first few I have made to stave off the pitchfork and torch bearing crowds. This is a long post- but I have lots to share with my new "method" that I leaned this week. My Ideas went crazy and I made about 5 projects, but I will share 3 with you. I have never posted a scrapbook layout before so I am a bit nervous about putting it all "out there"

Ok- over at Method Playground ( there was a challenge posted from Ali Edwards (one of my fave artists ever- her blog link is at the top on the right side of this bog) and I knew that this would be one that I would have to participate in.

Her challenge was to use Diamond Glaze and glass beads to create art. Well as luck would have it, I already had the Diamond glaze and needed to find Mini-Beads. After 3 stores I settled on Mini Seed beads- not exactly what i was looking for but I would pull a "tim gunn" and "make it work".

The night before I discovered the challenge- I was reading my new copy of "CK" and I saw the article titled "Because NICE matters" and as soon as I read that phrase, John came to mind and I KNEW that I had to do a layout about him using that phrase. And when I discovered the MP Challenge, I knew that is what I wanted to work on with my new Ideas.

Here is the Layout I created.

I really wanted to focus on the "story" and so I created the layout in a very simple manner so that you can really just focus on the story and not a ton of accents (which i usually love to use, but I am REALLY trying somthing new and I hope you all like it).

I used Bazzil Kraft color paper, with a simple black under layer. I used naked Chipboard letters (basic grey), and painted them in a ox blood red, and them covered them in a layer of Diamond Glaze for a "pop" affect.

I used a Rub-on (fancy pants) and then placed a layer of DG over the swirls, and then I tried to "pour" the beads over it. Well that was a disaster- and I ended up having to HAND PLACE all the beads over the swirl- needless to say that took about 1 or 2 hours to get "cleaned up" and looking right- but the effort was worth it- it has a great 3-D Quality that is also delicate looking.
Also- John in the Photo is holding our Baby bird Sprout- who as you can see is falling asleep.

While I wanted to tell the story of "Nice" to me with out distracting from the photos, I decided to write the story and added it to the back of the layout. I also Punched out 2 flowers from cardstock, and then added 3 layers of Diamond Glaze and Beads until it was a nice thick heavy accent for the page. (the large letters are rub-ons from Making Memories)

To read the text- click on the Photo and it will expand.
Here are some Close ups of the accents

Ok- for the other 2 projects. I was So inspired by this idea of beads and glaze that I wanted to see what else I could make besides a layout.

I was at the craft store the other day getting beads when I saw that a 6 pack of Glass Christmas bulbs were only $1.30 and so I grabbed a pack thinking that I would create something cool this year with them.

I removed the holder on top and I took a long paintbrush and used the Diamond glaze to make a puddle on a plate. I then used the glaze INSIDE the Bulb like you would if you were painting inside it. I made swirls, or lines or even spelled out "love" in one of them for some fun. I then gave it a few seconds to start to settle, and then poured in some beads and swirled them around to cover the glaze. I then added more and more beads until no more would stick and then poured the rest out. 1 of them I made 2 tone. I just waited for the first beads to dry and then "painted" a new coat of glaze with a new pattern and then added different colored beads. They look so cute that I think I may make some "year round" bulbs to hang in the craft room as a whimsical decoration.

I also took a 4x4 square of acrylic (left over from my clear acrylic album I made a few weeks ago) (found here )
and I "painted" a pattern on the corners, added green beads, and let it dry. I then added red beads around the edge, and after those dried I added a inner band of green. when it was fully dry, I covered all the beads in 2 thin layers of Diamond Glaze to set them firmly. I now have a festive colored Coaster for my cups.

Well that is my LONG Post, and I hope you all like them. I love that I was so inspired to play with beads in a new way ( meaning not just on jewelery or fabric) and I think that I will use them again in the future. I love the flowers that I made- they turned out great.
Hope you all like :)


Anonymous said...

Very nice work. I think the pic of Sprout and John is cute. I agree, John is nice.

Deborah Mahnken said...

Love the swirl with the beads! And I'm definitely going to try them on an ornament - those look fabulous :)

Thanks for playing along with us

jlajla said...

Holy smokes! You sure ran with this challenge. I may have to try that with the ornaments, and I also love those swirls. Thanks for sharing with us. Please come back and play again. :)

Alisa said...

love the swirls. so delicate looking.


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