Monday, October 8, 2007

**My Really Busy Weekend**

Ok- What a weekend! It was so busy that I never really got a chance to relax in the conventional sense- but it was a great weekend.
There was a TON of stuff that I did, so this is going to be a long post (with lots of pics to keep things interesting).
Ok Friday-
I spent the early afternoon at my old job visiting friends and using a band saw to cut up some acrylic that I bought. After seeing Elsie's post about her clear album, I decided I wanted to make one, but I didn't want to spend a small fortune on clear panels of plastic and shipping (around $40 to get what I needed and not much at that) and so I decided to get creative. And I LOVE finding Scrapbook and Art supplies where you would least expect them.

Like I told my friend Matt, It is not that I am cheep, I just try to have some ingenuity. I ordered some 12x24 Acrylic sheets from McMaster Carr (a place where you can get almost anything that is remotely related to hardware and manufacturing supplies) ( and got decided to cut the panels up the size that I wanted. I cut out a ton of 8x8 sheets, and then made some 4x6 for a smaller albums. I also cut a few 4x4's but that is another project.... (you will see in the next few weeks when I get a chance to make it)

I then went home and drilled out holes and went to work. I made a Album about my siblings and I growing up. Nothing fancy, but I took some old family photos, scanned them, changed the colors to black and white for a better flow, and had them printed in wallet size. I then painted on, used rub-ons, added stickers and paper and made this little guy-

(I just love how you can see thru multiple layers at once)

Ok, then that afternoon I was in a baking mood, and I had found a SUPER *tasty* sounding recipe for Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake. I like cheesecake- I love pumpkin pie, and I adore baking- sounded like a good plan. I had never made a Cheesecake before and so it was a adventure of sorts. By the end of the adventure, I had cream cheese on my shirt, ginger snap crumbs in my shoes, and batter that somehow ended up on the toaster (I think it was the electric mixer that is to blame for that one!), but it was SO pretty and super tasty.

Note- I used half ginger snaps and half gram-crackers, and skipped the Pecans- it keeps the ginger flavor from being overwhelming and keeps the crust smoother.

On Saturday I spent the morning Scrapbooking and finishing the above album. On Saturday afternoon I went over to my parents house for a visit. My sister and her 5(!) kids were visiting from Oregon. I then went over to a nearby Nail Salon to use a Gift Certificate that I received for my birthday 4 months ago. I got the Deluxe Pedicure and a Manicure. It has been AGES since I have had a Pedicure and my toes were very happy (and cute!)

John and I then went to the San Luis Obispo Symphony's Opening night at the PAC in Cal poly. We had the TOP balcony, in the very back in the very center. Before we got there I was nervous that we were too far away, but once I saw our seats, they were perfect. We have been much closer before, and I really liked being so high- you could see all the musicians playing in harmony- it was like watching a ballet. The music was amazing and there were great pieces by Mozart, Shostakovitch and Brahms. It was a nice relaxing way to end the day.

(our seats were center- but I took this after the concert from the side)

Then Sunday Morning John and I got up and went to Church and saw all the fam there.
(Me and my "little" brother, Christopher)
After Church we, along with my Mom, Dad, Brother Older sister and her 5 kids went out for pizza and Salad for lunch. It was a loud but fun event. Here was my nephew Eden, (yes, he is always that happy!) enjoying his pizza.

Sunday afternoon was spent shopping at Costco, and baking another Cheesecake (to share with the masses) and trying to get some rest while reading my book. Sunday night John and I caught up on our taped TV shows and headed to bed totally wiped out from the weekend. It was a busy weekend, a exhausting weekend, but all in all- a great weekend!

I hope yours was great too!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Your cheesecake is wonderful, very rich, I could only eat a tiny slice. Looks like you'll be in charge of the "Fall desserts".
Your toes are looking good too.


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