Thursday, October 11, 2007

Vegas Baby!

That's right, John and I are off to Vegas for the weekend. We were supposed to go to a wedding up in Utah this weekend, and we were going to crash at a friends house in Vegas on the way there and back. But this has been such a busy month, (and John will be out of town for a week later this month) so we decided to not go the wedding, and just make a quick road trip over to Vegas to see our Friend (who is also named John, so I call him John-John to keep things easier for us all).

Ok- Vegas is not exactly a "quick trip", it is about 8 or 9 hours to get there, but what is 8 or 9 hours when there is such a friend to be met?? (stealing a line from Pride and Prejudice there- hope Jane doesn't mind).
John-John is one of my favorite people on earth. He is sweet, kind, fun, loving, caring (and single ladies!) and he is the one of the people that I can share my real thoughts, dreams or disappointments with, and he is always there, always understands, and can always make me feel better if something is wrong. I have been distraught and missing him since he moved to Vegas almost 3 years ago. If not for him, I would have probably never met MY John.

John-John had a crush on my roommate\co-worker and asked us to his house for a 4Th of July BBQ, and that is where I got to know MY John, who was living there as well. They were about 5 guys living there together, and they came into Starbucks all the time (where I was working) but I didn't really know them that well. But after the BBQ, my John and I have been together almost ever since, and John-John is a best friend to both of us, and we miss him incredibly.
Seriously Ladies- He is awesome! (hint hint)

Anyway- we leave tomorrow morning, and will spend Friday night through Sunday morning with him. We will see what kinda mischief we get into- we do not gamble, we do not drink "heavy" (aka more than 1 drink) when cars are involved (and he lives way off the strip) and we do not "do" shows. So we will see what is planned. But for me- I would be happy to sit in a coffee shop and just talk with him for 3 days- I have missed all the "coffee talks" we used to have.

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