Monday, October 1, 2007

New Addtion to the *Flock*

Pickles having a snack

Well- after telling ourselves (about 20 times) that we were NOT going to buy a bird at the Exotic Bird show on Sunday- we walked out with a baby Parrotlet. (taking our total number of birds we own to 6! 4 parakeets and now 2 parrotlets)

We already have a parrotlet (named Sprout) but we could not pass this one up. It is a "He" and he is just over 12 weeks old (hatched on 6*26*07). He is SOOOOO small and new! He was not hand raised like Sprout was, so instead of taking to us in a instant like sprout did, this one will take some time to train. But what a cutie.

We have named him "Pickles" or "Sir Pickles" when we are in the mood to address him as such.

He is a bit small for his age, and is about the size of a travel shampoo (2.5 inches long and about 1.5 inches wise- not counting his little stubby tail) and since he is not used to handling, when we take him out of the cage, he burrows his head into any available space and acts like a ostrich. If he cannot see us, than we are not there. He tucks his head into the space between your thumb and finger and falls asleep =) We have great hopes for him and hope that he grows into a sweet baby like Sprout. =)
Our little "Gherkin" taking a rest

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