Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jumping the Gun

Ok Ok- I KNOW that it is only the middle of October- but it is never too soon to be thinking about Christmas Crafts and Decorations. My new Pottery Barn catalog showed up today and I found some major inspiration.
Here are a few items that I thought were awesome---

I was thinking of buying some Foam balls at the craft store and using some of the overflowing ribbon I have already and making some of these myself. (since these are not really the colors that I like to use, and to top it off they are $10 each-I can make them for about $1 or less)

I also love these-

But I am not sure if I will buy any- but they are cute. It will keep the tree from being too "cute".

I also love the tablescape here- if you tweak it a bit you could use it year round
Anyway- that is a few things that I found today that I loved. :)

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