Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Changes and a cool new book!

Look what I bought today! I LOVE it, and I am only a few pages in.... this is the most awesome book ever! I have really wanted to be able to work on my "doodles" and after reading like 10 pages, I have already found some cool new ways to doodle on things, and I think that in time and with some practice, I will finally be able to draw stuff that people will think is cute :) My skills are pretty lacking at the moment :)

Well there have been some cool changes around here lately.... but I will not go into all of them right now.... but I am happy to say that I am now working only part time at a new job, and the rest of my time is dedicated to staying home, getting the house super clean and pretty, and after I tackle most of the main messes in the house, I will have TONS of time to create.... I am thinking that I will going heavy duty with the scrapbooking, cooking, jam making, sewing, making tea towels, and painting....... but I will have to get there when I get there- right now my days are full of regular house work- but I can feel the creative juice flowing and building up :) I will probably end up with a creative explosion soon :)

Stay tuned for more stuff soon- but in the mean time- see if you can find the book above and check it out- it is great! (and Candy, yes, you can totally borrow it soon!) lol


1 comment:

candy said...

i saw it by the your little babies last night, but i thought, "hmmmm.....whats this? i'll have to investigate....later....."


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