Monday, July 14, 2008

Hello Mo!

This is Mo- Our new Baby Parakeet. He is still learning about getting on fingers when presented with them, but he is doing really well. He is at about 80% success rate when given a finger to stand on- he still will fly away (towards the other bird cages) but since he has no wings, it is really more of a pretty flutter (with various landing skills).

I have not been in the craft room for a few weeks :(
When having the windows done in the house, we had to move a ton of junk from room to room, and while the craft room was not super messy- it was covered in a concrete dust (that I still need to finish cleaning) but then a few days after getting the new windows, we had house guests- and so all the junk that was now in the guest room, had to be moved back into the craft room- and there it still sits- waiting to be put away. But this last weekend was more of a goof-off weekend than usual. On Saturday, while John was in bed (or the bathroom) suffering from a migraine all day, I made Strawberry Jam. I had never made it before and it turned out great. I will post info on it soon :) But in late afternoon\early evening, John was well enough to leave the house, and so we went in search of food and a different view than the inside of the house.

Sunday we went for a long long drive in John's Porche. He had some older gas in there, and he didn't want it to sit for too much longer, so we attempted to burn off as much as we could. We spent about 5 hours in the car that day- just cruising around the county and driving thru wine country around here. We then had dinner and a Blue-ray movie night with friends. Oh! Candy made the BEST dinner, and I will have to make it for the cooking blog soon. It was a "beef and broccoli egg noodle pasta dish" thing. SUPER tasty!

Anyway- I have to get going, but here is a last photo of Mo for ya :) I think that I spooked him, and so he did his "tall alert bird" pose for me :)


At Home Redesigns said...

What a beautiful bird. I had a parakeet when I was a kid but, sadly, I didn't pay much attention to it then... I'm sure this guy will fare a lot better.

Thanks for dropping by my blog!


Sandy said...

Hello, and thank you for visiting me!

candy said...

i want a little Mo too!


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