Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Back in the game...

Hello Hello!!! I have returned from the land of the plague. It took about a week to go away, but I am finally feeling mostly back to normal. I still cough from time to time, and I am still sleeping a bit more soundly than normal, but I no longer feel like I am walking around in a fevered fog.
Since I wanted to post a update about the time that I was struck down, this will be a bit of a mini catch-up.

For the Holidays I wanted to have some fun tasks that John and I could do together. So instead of the usual Advent calender, I made a Holiday Project Bowl. I made up some small cards with Holiday Ideas, and stamped them, and tied them with ribbon. So every evening we pick a card to open and we follow what it says the next day. Some of them are tied with blue ribbon, and those are bigger tasks and so we save those for the weekends.

The First one that was drawn was one of the larger tasks. It was "bake Holiday cookies and Deliver them to Friends". John (who can bake, but has not done it for years) was a bit wary, but we had fun. Here we are about to get started. (john will be upset that I posted pics of him unshaven, but If he only wants to shave once a week, than he is risking getting posted on the blog looking scruffy) If any of you notice my apron- it is vintage Starbucks. I still have a few of my Aprons from when I was a Barista :) (good times, good times!)

Here is John making one of the most popular treats we made. It is a cookie\bar that is filled and topped with Chocolate chips, white chocolate, marshmallows, and Caramel bites. Very tasty and rich! And you can see a bit of the kitchen remodel in the background. We tore out the old window and have not yet Drywalled up the wall yet.

Here is some of the packages we made up for family and friends. We ended up making Frosted Sugar Cookies, Peppermint twists dipped in chocolate with crushed peppermint on top. Chocolate surprise cookies (chocolate cookies, topped with a marshmallow as it bakes and then frosted when cool with chocolate frosting) the Rocky bars (already mentioned) and last but not least- the snicker doodles that John made all on his own :)

Then a few days later the plague set in, and I was not able to function very well, and avoided the blog out of guilt and and not feeling well.

Then as I was feeling better, I started taking more pics again. On Saturday night John and I went to the PAC and we saw "The Nutcracker" Ballet. I had heard some of the music, and knew the story (sorta) but I had never seen it performed (live or on TV). WE had Awesome seats. We were at the front row of the top balcony, and seated front and center. I was thinking that we may be far from the stage, but it really was perfect. I would not want to pay double just to be about 10 feet closer- we could see everything, and I liked the higher up view. It was sun to watch, and they took some liberty in the story and so I was a bit confused from time to time, but we had a good time :)

Well that about sums it up for now.

I am really happy to be feeling better. I am finally feeling more like myself- I am happy most of the day, feeling creative, happy for the holidays, and wanting to eat again. I know when I am sick when I am warm, un-talkative, never hungry, and unhappy. It is nice to be back :)

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Anonymous said...

The cookies were terrific, I especially liked the Rocky bars. Yummy! The glass container you have your Christmas tasks in looks faintly familar. Glad you're feeling better.


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