Saturday, December 29, 2007

Oh So VERY Sick!!!!

John and I have been attacked with the worst sickness that both of us has had in forever.
Last time was just a trial run I guess.

I could blame my little brother- but it was not his fault that he was sick on Christmas day- or that we spent about 11 hours there.
And then the next day John and I had to get to work early, and start the DAYS long chore of Inventory. John and I both started the Cough and nose issues that morning, and while he was sitting at his desk and I was in Assembly counting millions of little parts (and it was COLD out there- in the 50's or low 60's)

Then 2 days later, we both got attacked big time. So for the last 2 days we have had 101-102 fevers, and are not hungry (a HUGE sign we are sick) and have been coughing and sneezing to no end. To top it off, we were stuck at work, and he was sitting at his desk burning up with a fever, and I was out in the shipping area, in the misty wet cold, and we were both doing inventory. (and to top it off- John is the ONLY one who knows what to do and can make all the corrections- it sucks to be the "go to man" at times.)

Inventory is at best- a horrid & miserable thing in the best of conditions, and with the 2 of us down, it was a long, long long horrid day. And we are not done yet. It all has to be finished by the 1st, (for tax and inventory reasons) and so no matter how bad we feel in the next day or so, we will have to drag ourselves in and finish it. At least it is all computer work for now (I think).

I technically do not have to go in- my Days at Maximum Motorsports were over on Friday- but the last thing I am going to do is send John into work to finish it himself into the wee hours of the night, while I sit at home and mumble Thur the shivers.

All I can say is ugh- and ugh again.
Typing is not a huge chore at the moment. John and I are in the office- 2 jackets each, scarves, socks, slippers and polar fleece pants, and the heater is on, and we also have a space heater that is at the moment pumping out 76 degree warm air, and has been for about 2 hours. It is nice and cozy in here, and I almost feel like my finger can function. But poor John, he was laying on the floor in front of the space heater in 2 jackets, many layers of socks and slippers, and a thermal headband and shivering. I keep jabbing the new thermometer at him, and have informed him that if his fever hits 103.5 or higher it is time for the doctor (he hates to go).... but I am grateful that as lousy as I feel- i can still care for him- he really shuts down when he gets sick, and it worries me.

Oh well- off to drink more tea- that is all that sounds tasty to me. Even chicken soup is not appealing. ugh.
night all!

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