Thursday, September 13, 2007

***Back From Vacation***

Well we are back home (all safe and sound) and we had a great time. We Spent time in San Francisco, Oregon, Washington, and also made a trip to Victoria Island- BC in Canada.
Here are some shots of what we did and what we saw.

The One room Schoolhouse in Sequim, Wa

John in front of the Parliament Building in Victoria, Canada

Some Awesome Flowers at a house in Bremmerton, WA

The Local Free-Roaming Elk Heard in Sequim, WA

John and I made it for Levi's Baptism in Roseburg, Oregon
(left to right) Titus, Eden, Me & Levi, John and Esther, & Cana

View of the Olympic Mountain Range as seen from a home in Bremerton, WA (you can also see some of the purple flowers in the left hand corner that was in a above photo) (it was sunny when I took the other photo). This is where we spent Labor Day. John's Aunt and Uncle live in this amazing house that has amazing views all around and we spent the day out on the porch, drinking and eating, enjoying the view, and spending time with friends and family. We also sat on a front porch with heaters and watched the sun set over the mountains (it cleared up as the day went along) and we had dessert and wine as we watched the sky change colors.

Well that is just the tip of the iceberg of stuff we saw. I will have to add more pics later :)
We had a great time- but we are happy to be back home and getting back to normal life. But the sleeping in all morning and staying up late playing pool in the living room was a nice change from the average days we have when we are home.


Anonymous said...

I found your blog when I googled "Sequim". How did you get the picture of the Elk herd? I've lived in Sequim for 7 years and I still haven't even seen them yet.

Lauren Z said...

There is a Large Field that you over look when on "Medsker Road" (where the old school house is) and the Elk will show up there to eat and sleep sometimes. I have visited Sequim only twice, and this was the first time that I saw them for more than just a glance. But they will hang out there in the morning or around sunset (or so I am told).

My Boyfriend's dad lives in Sequim, and so that is the reason for the visit, and his dad says that they hang in that field all the time :) I hope you find them soon :)


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