Friday, September 21, 2007

~Photos of the Studio~

Well I have been playing around in the Scrapbook Room\Studio lately and I figured I would share some pictures of it. It is still kinda messy but I have been trying to get it picked up. I will ONE day get the walls painted, but I still cannot decide which colors to use where and what I want to do with the rest of wall space. Any Suggestions??

Here is some of my regular paper storage\ shelf of buttons

Here is some small shelves near the door and closet door- In the little stand I keep most of my paints, stamps and extra "storage" containers (jars, buckets etc.)

Here is another storage area of mine. I have large cookie jars for my ribbon collection, MM paint on the shelf along with all my Prima Flower jars ( I have 11 jars up there I think) and some random art from time to time. If you notice the White Binders with the Names Ali E and Elsie F, those are binders of work they have produced that I have been able to collect. Nothing original unfortunately, but articles from magazines, or layouts that they have posted online. When I do not have the time or access to a PC and I need inspiration, I turn to those binders and I always am inspired for my next project or layout.

Another shot of my shelf of buttons. I also place random art that I make on this shelf. The Family one is a covered Canvas that I made into a layout, and you can kinda see my "ART" letters in the background. Those were raw wood letters from Wal-Mart and I covered them with paper, paint and ribbon for a fun project.

When more space gets cleaned I will post more pics :)


Anonymous said...

The room is looking good! I paticularly like the photo of family on the shelf. You can also catch a glimsp of orange(blue) bird in another shot.
Looks like hard work pays off.

:) said...

Nice... why couldnt you be that clean when we shared a room :P
LOL ... kidding... it looks good!

CwazyLawa said...

Oh gosh! I'd give anything to have someone organize my scrapbook supplies! LOVE it!


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