Thursday, September 13, 2007

**Studio Friday**

Ok- I am a bit early, but this is the Studio Friday for this week. I have not been able to do the last few weeks due to a vacation (see post below for pics of vacation) but I am glad to be back.

This weeks topic was This week's topic for Friday September 14th: IN CASE OF CREATIVE EMERGENCY...
In case of a creative dilemma when you are unsure of how to proceed, what do you do? Is there anyone special whom you can ask for advice, call and talk to or go visit? That special person that believes in you no matter how crappy you feel and how afraid and doubt filled you are. Who is there to assist you and help you? Maybe you are still looking for that someone? If so, what does your wishlist look like for him/her?

(Text Reads: These are the Women that Inspire me. Without them my Art, Photos and Way of seeing the World would not be the way I see it now.)
Well- I am a blog Junkie- I read lots of Art Blogs and my 3 "go to" blogs are Donna Downey, Ali Edwards and Elsie Flannigan. they are Amazing. I have been SOOOOO inspired by them over this last year or 2. (and you can find links to their Blogs up on the right of this post under my faves)

Donna always has clean lines, easy to follow ideas, and such great ideas.

Ali has such a way with Items and Photos. She can take some old items, a old piece of furniture and a camera and make such captivating and inspiring art that I crave her artistic vision.

And then there is Elsie.

She is FunFunFun!! Bright Colors, fun shapes and can dress like the cool girl that you always wished that you were. She has inspired me to use color in ways that I would not have dreamed. I now wear Aqua with red, I am not afraid to carry a retro huge yellow bag as a purse, and I try to see things in my camera lens the way she does.
They Inspire me- not matter how "blagh" I am feeling, all I have to do is read the blogs, look at the pictures they take, and look at layouts they have created, and I am filled with such a creative rush that I usually cannot get to the craft room soon enough. They are the best!


Garden girl said...

I liked your tribute to those women who inspire you! I like to be early too, rather than late with a project.

Anke said...

I have to check out there pages for sure, made me curious! Isn't the internet great? I love it because you can connect with other artist around the world!

stephanie said...

Cannot wait to check out these artists. I agree!!! I am inspired beyond words by our blogger world!!

monica yvette said...

You've gotten me curious too. I'll have to check these ladies out.


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