Monday, June 25, 2007

Catch Up

Well it has been a week or so since I was able to really focus on much of anything for 1 stretch of time- so my posts need a quick cacth up.

Bed Update: STILL NOT HERE! Ahhh! the mattress was 2 days late, and the frame (which we thought was already in) is still at least a week away. So after getting cramped and stuffy in the guest room, we decided to "rough it" and we started sleeping on the new mattress while it was still on the floor. It is a bit odd to have the covers bunch up on you while you are sleeping instead of drape over the bed, but oh the space!!! I think that the first 2 nights on the new mattress that I didn't even once touch John the whole night- not even a stray toe brush..... Gotta love all that sleeping space!

This weekend I spent a hefty bit of time trying to get my scrapbook\craft room back into a working order... so what did I do when I needed a cleaning break? A friend and I headed to the scrapbook store for more goodies of course! (sigh) oh well.... just more crafty clutter to love :)

I also scored a few cool things at garage sales this weekend. A shelf with pull out drawers (great for craft supplies!) and some cool pottery canister for all my paintbrushes. I will have to clean up the craft room and post pictures eventually. I got most of the floor visable this weekend and about 1\4 of my workspace is now visable down to the tablecloth (the other 3/4 is still buried in a foot of half finished projects)

We also made it to the movies this weekend. We saw Oceans 13- and I have to say that I was WAY more pleased with it than Oceans 12. It was probably as good as the 1st movie and not as back and forth crazy as the second.

Oh well.... time to get working.

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