Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Feeling Creative

Well the birthday bash was fun (and filling!). I think I had 4 or 5 Tacos and a huge slice of death by chocolate mega cake. I had to be rolled home, but I think that I have now recovered.
(and a big salad for lunch helped the ego feel better about the bad numbers on the scale this morning!)

I am feeling very creative today- but alas! I am stuck at work again. Being a 9 to 5er has it benefits (as in not getting up at 3 am to work in a bakery) but I also miss the ability to stay home on a warm sunny afternoon and scrapbook.
I always seem to hit my creative stride in the middle of the week, and that is when I have the least time to create. I have a after work meeting to attend and then John and I have friends coming over for a BBQ this evening. It is going to be fun as always, but I know that I will be looking lovingly down the hallway towards the closed Scraproom door wishing for a few more hours of the day to be able to get crafty.

I am going to start working on a idea\inspiration Journal. I saw something in a magazine that was all about home decorating and ideas. The idea was to rip out pictures of rooms that inspired you and to write about the colors and what you love about it so when you went to decorate you would have a journal of ideas- and so I am going to create a Scrapbooking version. I have so many ideas and thoughts and little things that come to me, and unless I remember to jot it down quickly I seem to lose the idea forever..... I will try to find some time to work on it this week, and will post some results.

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