Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Getting my Paint On

Well this weekend was full of painting. Not "fun crafty Painting" but the "lay out the tarp, paint the ceiling, get the corners and don't drip on the floor" kinda painting.

John and I are getting a new CA king size bed tomorrow (hooray!) and so we decided to spend that weekend preparing for it. We moved out guest room bed outside (good riddance!) and we moved everything out of the guestroom and we painted it. We then moved everything BACK into the guestroom along with everything that was in our bedroom and painted our bedroom. Since the bed frame is a chocolate brown wood, we decided to move from a soft mocha brown paint and cover it with a soft cream..... which means we get to paint about 3 layers to cover the darkness..... I am now burned out on painting (and having breathed enough fumes to need a smog check!) But the new bed will look nice, and it will be a luxury to have so much space (goodbye Queen- hello king!)


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